A Course in Happiness

A Course in Happiness

That’s not it’s real name, it’s real name is The Power of Self Esteem and it comes from the More To Life organisation.

What is Self Esteem?

Your ability to feel love and compassion for yourself,
whatever the situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

That’s a simple thing to do isn’t it? Love yourself.

“Easier said than done!”? True. It is easier to say it but saying it doesn’t make it happen. But once you know how, it isn’t that hard at all.

We are running a course in September and October in Surrey, England to show you how to do just that.

We are holding a preview evening soon and would like to
invite you as our guest to find out more.

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The Slimmers Cycle, and it’s not a bike!

Have you been trying to lose weight and is it taking longer than you thought?

If you are anything like me you have probably lost all the weight you ever needed to, the problem is that we keep putting it on again. I call this The Slimmers Cycle

Why is it that we have lapses in our weight loss goals?

The 10 points of The Slimmers Cycle:

If you are like me it may well happen like this:

  1. Something happens we don’t like.
  2. We feel bad
  3. We go off track
  4. We feel bad about going off track
  5. We stay off track
  6. We feel worse because we have stayed off track
  7. We don’t get back on track
  8. The feeling gradually goes away
  9. We get back on track
  10. We feel better

What’s common in the above.

We feel bad! But how long has it taken to get from 1 to 10?

When we feel bad about ourselves it means that our Self-Esteem has taken a hit, because that’s what Self Esteem is, how we feel about ourselves.

So how can this cycle be broken?

Stop things happening we don’t like? Stopping things you don’t like is probably not very realistic and likely to be impossible.

Go to stage 2 and stop feeling bad. Is that possible?

Yes! Strange as it may seem it is, but people do not realise that it is possible or how to do it. You can see that if you stop the above cycle at stage 2 you never get to stage 3, going off track.

How would your weight loss be if you had never gone off track?

How can you stop feeling bad and break the cycle? Come to our course on Self-Esteem Enhancement and learn how to stop feeling bad and feel good about yourself.

The Power of Self Esteem will show you how to:

  • Notice when and why you are feeling bad.
  • Stop beating yourself up about it.
  • Feel better about yourself and stay on track.

And the really great thing is that you can apply this to everything in your life, not just slimming.

You are invited to sign up for our Free Preview Evening on the 14th May by going to: https://seepreview.eventbrite.co.uk

A Course in Happiness

Self Esteem

Self Esteem, your ability to feel love and compassion for yourself, whatever the situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

Self Esteem is the foundation of our lives. It is the way we feel about ourselves.

A wise man once said “Do not build your house upon the sand, build it on rock”.

The meaning of that can be interpreted in different ways. But consider your house to mean your life and the choice of sand or rock to be your choice about the way you feel about yourself. How well are you going to do in relationships, in parenting, at work, if deep down inside you think you are a miserable worm. What sort of emotions is that going to create and what sort of life will you create for yourself and those around you. Not as good as you could I would suggest!

I will agree not everything is doom and gloom. So often we are happy when things are going well and unhappy when things are going badly.

Look at the statement at the top of the post again. Have I just described that? No, I have just described having your buttons pushed by every random thing that happens to you.

You can change that and I would like to show you how.

I run a course on the Power of Self Esteem and I call it “A Course in Happiness”.

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