Would you describe yourself as a Helper?

And if so do you recognise any of these traits in yourself

1. **Excessive Need for Approval:** “Do you ever find yourself seeking a lot of approval or validation from others?”

2. **Neglecting Self-Care:** “Have you ever noticed if you prioritize taking care of others more than yourself?”

3. **Difficulty Setting Boundaries:** “Do you ever struggle with saying no or setting boundaries with people?”

4. **Fear of Rejection:** “Have you ever avoided situations because you were afraid of feeling rejected or unloved?”

5. **Seeking External Validation:** “Do you sometimes rely on what others think to feel worthwhile?”

6. **Comparing Themselves to Others:** “Do you ever catch yourself comparing yourself to others frequently?”

7. **Difficulty Accepting Compliments:** “Do you find it challenging to accept compliments from others?”

8. **Self-Criticism:** “Do you ever engage in self-criticism or negative self-talk?”

9. **Dependence on Relationships:** “Do you feel like you rely heavily on your relationships to feel a sense of self-worth?”

If these questions open up some self-awareness in you, and invoke some reflection of your own experience, you might feel inclined to have a chat with me about it. Please do so, it’s completely complimentary and without commitment.

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Are you a bit of a perfectionist, I know I am, just a bit….. How does that sound, a bit too familiar maybe?

  1. Do you engage in self-criticism?
    • For instance, do you frequently berate yourself for making even minor mistakes?
  2. Have you ever found yourself pursuing perfection to an extreme degree?
    • Can you recall a situation where you were so fixated on achieving perfection that it became exhausting?
  3. Do you sometimes become inflexible in your thinking or actions due to your high standards?
    • Have you ever been in a situation where you were unwilling to compromise or adapt because you believed that your way, was the only correct one?
  4. Have you ever caught yourself being overly critical or judgmental of others?
    • Can you think of a time when you found yourself being excessively critical of someone else’s actions or choices?
  5. Do you tend to avoid relaxation or leisure activities because you believe you must meet your high standards first?
    • Have you avoided taking breaks or enjoying leisure activities until you met your standards of work or productivity?
  6. Do you find it challenging to accept compliments or praise from others?
    • Can you recall moments when someone complimented you, but you struggled to accept their praise, either dismissing it or thinking they didn’t truly mean it?
  7. Have you noticed a reliance on external validation to feel a sense of self-worth?
    • Have you ever sought approval or recognition from others as a way to validate your own sense of self-worth, relying on external sources for your self-esteem.

Have you noticed any of the following in yourself?

1. **Conflict Avoidance:** Do you ever feel you tend to avoid conflict more than others?

2. **Difficulty Articulating Needs:** Have you found it challenging to express your own needs and often prioritize others’ needs over your own?

3. **Lack of Assertiveness:** In situations that require assertiveness, do you feel like you struggle to stand up for yourself or share your opinions?

4. **Indecisiveness:** Does your inherent indecisiveness seem to intensify when you’re not feeling good, causing doubts about your preferences and beliefs?

5. **Feeling Overlooked:** Have you ever experienced a sense of being unnoticed or unimportant, especially when you’re having a bad day.

6. **Boundary Challenges:** Do you think you have difficulty setting and maintaining boundaries, leading to a sense of being taken advantage of or an inability to protect your own space and needs?

7. **Procrastination:** Have you noticed yourself procrastinating, particularly in situations or tasks that could lead to conflict or stress?

If you or someone you know would answer yes to three or more of the above questions you could be in need of a dose of True-Self-Esteem. If so please feel free to message me to arrange a chat and see if I can help. Click Here!


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