Have you noticed any of the following in yourself?

1. **Conflict Avoidance:** Do you ever feel you tend to avoid conflict more than others?

2. **Difficulty Articulating Needs:** Have you found it challenging to express your own needs and often prioritize others’ needs over your own?

3. **Lack of Assertiveness:** In situations that require assertiveness, do you feel like you struggle to stand up for yourself or share your opinions?

4. **Indecisiveness:** Does your inherent indecisiveness seem to intensify when you’re not feeling good, causing doubts about your preferences and beliefs?

5. **Feeling Overlooked:** Have you ever experienced a sense of being unnoticed or unimportant, especially when you’re having a bad day.

6. **Boundary Challenges:** Do you think you have difficulty setting and maintaining boundaries, leading to a sense of being taken advantage of or an inability to protect your own space and needs?

7. **Procrastination:** Have you noticed yourself procrastinating, particularly in situations or tasks that could lead to conflict or stress?

If you or someone you know would answer yes to three or more of the above questions you could be in need of a dose of True-Self-Esteem. If so please feel free to message me to arrange a chat and see if I can help. Click Here!


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