So what is True-Self-Esteem?

Firstly it’s not what most people think. It’s not feeling good about something you have or do.

 I’ll share an example from my own experience. When I was a kid I wanted an Italian racing bike. This I thought would make me happy and my friends like me.

 It made me happy for a day or two until I hit a kerb and buckled the expensive aluminium wheels, then I wasn’t so happy. My friends liked me just about the same.

Owning that bike didn’t help me ask girls out, it didn’t help me with my exams, and it didn’t help me put my foot down about the career I wanted when I was told “There’s no money in that”.

 What that bike gave me for a while was context-specific. It gave me Pseudo-Self-Esteem.

 So what is True-Self-Esteem……

Simple to say…

Your ability to feel love and compassion for yourself, whatever the situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

But harder to do…

Do you think that’s worth having?

I do!

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