Would you describe yourself as a Helper?

And if so do you recognise any of these traits in yourself

1. **Excessive Need for Approval:** “Do you ever find yourself seeking a lot of approval or validation from others?”

2. **Neglecting Self-Care:** “Have you ever noticed if you prioritize taking care of others more than yourself?”

3. **Difficulty Setting Boundaries:** “Do you ever struggle with saying no or setting boundaries with people?”

4. **Fear of Rejection:** “Have you ever avoided situations because you were afraid of feeling rejected or unloved?”

5. **Seeking External Validation:** “Do you sometimes rely on what others think to feel worthwhile?”

6. **Comparing Themselves to Others:** “Do you ever catch yourself comparing yourself to others frequently?”

7. **Difficulty Accepting Compliments:** “Do you find it challenging to accept compliments from others?”

8. **Self-Criticism:** “Do you ever engage in self-criticism or negative self-talk?”

9. **Dependence on Relationships:** “Do you feel like you rely heavily on your relationships to feel a sense of self-worth?”

If these questions open up some self-awareness in you, and invoke some reflection of your own experience, you might feel inclined to have a chat with me about it. Please do so, it’s completely complimentary and without commitment.

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